FEFA’s Open Letter to President and Chief Executive of Afghanistan

Gardener! You seem unaware of autumn
Alas! You lose your flowers when wind blows
(Farsi poet)
His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, president and H.E Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!
Hope more success for H.E president and H.E chief executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Almost one year ago the National Unity Government (NUG) established. Over this period Afghanistan developed in foreign politics including peace talks process and promoting the political position of Afghanistan in the world. However, there are some signs of development in good governance too but the government hasn’t taken any practical step in electoral reform section which forms the substantive part of political agreement. The current ambiguous circumstance separate nation from state and increase public distrust on democracy and election. Your silence in this regard enhance ambiguity and public distrust. According to article (64) of constitution president is responsible for enforcement of constitution. Thus, both leaders of NUG promised people and international community to implement the articles of political agreement and fundamentally reform all sectors and sections.

H.E president and H.E chief executive!
We understand that Afghanistan is in a tough and susceptible circumstance. We are absolutely aware of the challenges Afghanistan confront with. We know that currently, the government has more important and vital priorities to undertake but our concerns on future of democracy and election made us to write this letter to you. Apart from what happened in 2014 election everyone knows that you received majority of casted votes of Afghans in both rounds. Afghans and international community welcomed the establishment of National Unity Government in Afghanistan. The establishment of NUG indicated your tact and prudence. You proved your patriotism and desire for not shaping Afghanistan into chaos and war. Your joint attempts for establishment of NUG and commitments for implementing the provisions of political agreement to reform the electoral areas and to prevent the repetition of 2014 electoral crisis is appreciating and undeniable. Those who believe in election and democracy can’t be against democratic institutions. You are the outcome and result of a democratic process. Thus, you believe in election and democracy. Fulfilling of the electoral reform process as the major priority of NUG guaranty the survival of political system, election and democracy in the country. However, negligence in this regard endanger the future of election, democracy and survival of political system in Afghanistan.
Dear gentlemen!
The Independent Electoral Reform Commission was supposed to be established after the inauguration day but it established after months of delay through a presidential decree. However, the commission hasn’t held even one working session its working duration is ended. Over the past one year, no practical approaches have been taken in this regard. Meanwhile, according to the provisions of constitution the parliamentary election was supposed to be held as soon as possible. Due to disagreement on chairperson of the Independent Electoral Reform Commission the commission hasn’t begun its work yet but this issue is not justifiable. We believe, if there is any will for reforming the electoral system and structures; simple issues including disagreement on chairperson of the Electoral Reform Commission can’t prevent commencement of work of the Electoral Reform Commission. The Electoral Reform Commission is the beginning point for electoral reform process which does not have any alternative. On the other hand, given the depth and volume of shortcomings in electoral system and structures only an institution composed of qualified, impartial and elite people can cope with them.

After reviewing the shortcomings of electoral system and electoral structures the Electoral Reform Commission must have the competency of developing a national strategy on electoral reform along with binding recommendations to present it to executive institutions for implementation. Given the existed political stand-off in the country, the crisis of legitimacy of state’s branches can increase the depth of problems. Likewise, the urgency mentioned in the constitution for holding the upcoming parliamentary election reveals the need for commencement of work of Electoral Reform Commission. FEFA as a professional institution urge the leaders of NUG to allow the Electoral Reform Commission elect its administrative board itself after establishment.
H.E president and H.E CEO!
We must start today, tomorrow might be very late. Although, security, stability and economic boom are the basic requirements of country but electoral reform guaranty the survival of political system, stability, political development and future of next generations of Afghanistan. Election is a national and historical event. We must not look at this national value from partisan views. The people of Afghanistan seriously expect leaders of NUG to consider the provisions of political agreement including the provisions on electoral reform and commence reforming approaches. Unfortunately, by passing each day, we lose golden opportunities. We must start the electoral reform today. The government must complete and announce the electoral reform package which includes the commencement of work of Electoral Reform Commission, the date of holding upcoming parliamentary election and reforming the electoral system as soon as possible. Such an effort can shape the fragile democracy of Afghanistan on the right track and immortalize the names of NUG’s leaders in the history. On the ultimate days of Ramadan and on the eve of celebrating Eid days hope the leaders of NUG commence the electoral reform process and donate happiness to citizens.
The king who respects his peasants
His wages are legit
(Farsi poet)
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Kabul-July 16, 2015 - 


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