Declaration of Substantive Principle on Women and Youth Meaningful Participation

Defining the principle for performance of an action is necessary prior to performance of the action. The common principle are minimum. There are some principles that all people accept them as general principles. After principles are discussed and debated, they can be identified. The Women and Youth Political Rights Advocacy Groups conducted regular meetings in order to come to agree on common principles.
Strengthen women and youth meaningful political participation strengthens the pillar of democracy in our country. FEFA as a professional election observation organization aimed to get the views of professional institutions and experts on women and youth meaningful political participation to come up with a joint declaration to share it with people, parliament, the government of Afghanistan and other related organizations.
FEFA’s main objective is to strengthen women and youth political quota in election. Women and youth compete to occupy political power so FEFA recommended these principles to increase meaningful participation.
This joint declaration of principles included 2 chapters and 20 principles which were identified as substantive principles by representatives of political parties, CSOs and media who were members of Women and Youth Political Rights Advocacy Groups. The first part of this declaration identifies the principles on women meaningful political participation whereas part two points out the principles on youth political participation.

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